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The sky is the limit.

FLY yoga arts has programs in schools, in studios, in homes & at private events

  • FLY’s flexible curriculum allows for yoga arts to be incorporated into your school program!

    Whether in the classroom, during physical education, or after school, students will ground, center, and open through their FLY playtime.

    Currently serving Nursery, Elementary, Middle and High School students, our lessons and exercises are designed to elevate any age and level of development.

    FLY PHYSICAL BRAIN BALANCE During school sessions are designed to allow students a necessary break from routine. With specific focus on breathing, concentration, and stimulating the creative mind, these short sessions are designed for the schoolroom and work to enhance each student’s ability to learn by bringing the lessons into his or her body. Students will exercise, create, utilize teamwork and practice mindfulness.

    FLY AFTER SCHOOL These hour-long sessions are the perfect addition for schools who seek a physical practice for their students, while allowing a creative environment to explore artistic expression. Students will build community, learn their personal creative process, and work on a final class “showing” to highlight their various gifts.

    FLY SUMMER Summer is the perfect time for kids to enjoy nature, be physical, have fun and improve their connection to their peers. Our FLY summer sessions can be tailored to fit any summer camp or summer school format. We complement the increased physical activity of the summer with mindfulness, relaxation, creativity and emotional awareness tools so kids feel balanced while they have fun!


    Contact us at info@flyyogaarts.com to learn more about how to bring FLY to your school!

  • See your students ascend - train to teach the FLY way!

    FLY Teacher Trainings are nationwide! Join us in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, Miami or ONLINE from Anywhere!

    Our Trainings Offer You:

    CREATIVE CURRICULUM: How FLY Works, Our Tested Class Structure, Create Your Own Class Worksheets, and Hundreds of FLY exercises, games and poses!

    PERSONAL PRACTICE: Reconnect to your Inner Child, Personal Flow and Creative Practices. Dive in so you can teach others to do the same.

    CARING COMMUNITY: FLY is all about bringing amazing educators, creators, and compassionate entrepreneurs together. Join our team of angels as you play, teach together, open, create and FLY!

    CLASS CONNECTIONS: FLY is connected to many schools, studios and organizations nationwide. Let us place you in your own FLY classes and share your heart with others!

    REACH OUT to find the nearest and soonest training to you!

  • We can come to you!

    Private sessions are an excellent way to bring FLY to you – where learning can happen in a controlled environment, tailored specifically to fit your child’s talents.

    PRIVATE SESSIONS Whether in a private building, community center, park or apartment, we offer small session classes for parents interested in a small and controlled private class. Recommended for family therapy, sibling bonding, and weekly play dates, our FLY Teaching Artists will provide personalized therapeutic attention, so students not only express, but work through their stresses and worries.

    FAMILY & SIBLING YOGA Work with one of our FLY Teaching Artists to provide a creative bonding experience for the whole family! Whether in your home or personal space, or in a class environment, FLY will provide tools and exercises that inspire communication, trust, and lots of love.


    Contact us at info@flyyogaarts.com to learn more about scheduling private classes & tutoring!

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