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the fly movement:

curriculum for your in school and after school learning play

Playful Movement Education

WHAT IS FLY? FLY Learning Arts brings Playful Education Classes to Schools Nationwide.

The FLY program Currently serves over 5,000 young people. We use playful education movement to open every student to their highest potential for learning. Through games and playful movement education, we introduce essential life skills geared toward physical and mental health and happiness. In addition, FLY allows kids to integrate their school studies through play! We design games around each student’s natural talents, whether they tend toward the physical, creative or brainy.

With imagination and play guiding every class, students build strength and balance in their bodies, discover personal gifts, strengthen self-knowledge, and communication skills that will empower them to learn, love and pursue a lifetime of happiness.


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Through FLY, students are given the opportunity to build community, develop self-awareness and confidence, and learn to create their ideal futures while encouraging others to do the same.

hear it first hand:

listen to some of our parents and students share their fly experiences.

our curriculum

  • core curriculum

    fly learning arts’ curriculum aims to grow students' understanding of who they are and how they learn best. We highlight skills in Physical Education (yoga, martial arts, dance, and more), Creativity (acting, art, music, and writing), and Academics (math, reading, science) to educate a well rounded and joyful kid! By highlighting students’ natural gifts, we grow a community of trust, playfulness and joy, while empowering our students to love learning.

    Our teaching artists operate the fly five: Foundation, Fun, Focus, Freedom & Flight! In using this tested and successful class structure, we create balance in the body, heart, and mind through play, learning, and mindfulness.

  • subject focused curriculum

    fly works closely with schools, studios and parents to design the ideal programming for their students and children. As our students refine their interests and delve deeper into their gifts, we offer specialty curriculum in fly yoga, fly music, fly dance, fly acts, and fly art.
  • spiritual curriculum

    fly is a springboard for students to integrate a spiritual practice into their daily lives. Our developers work closely with religious school programs to integrate religious holidays, foreign language and social awareness into programs that wish to reinforce these ideas. Partners include many Chabad and Hebrew schools, Catholic schools, and spiritual centers.

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