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Haley is the Creator and Director of FLY Learning Arts. With fifteen years of experience teaching students of all ages (infants to adults), she has dedicated her life’s energy to illuminating the personal gifts of everyone who crosses her path. Haley believes that in order to fully integrate something into learning, one must be engaged in mind, body, and spirit. Founding FLY in 2012 on this philosophy, she has spearheaded home schools, after school programs, and curriculums to enhance movement and mindfulness in educational environments. Haley’s mission is to bring our physical and creative gifts back on line in education, provide essential life tools of self understanding and collaboration, and to encourage play, wakefulness and accessibility in learning! Haley earned her Masters in Education at Harvard University, and is currently located in Cambridge, MA expanding FLY into a full service wellness consulting program that integrates FLY culture into schools nationwide. Contact her at haley@flyyogaarts.com.

What makes me FLY? Listening, loving, discovering and taking action with a fierce spirit and an open heart.

leslie LESLIE GUYTON is the New York Program Director for FLY and is passionate about embodiment and mindfulness/heartfulness.  Whether leading her movement theater company, The MoveShop or working with amazing FLY students, she cares about imagination, inspiration, awakening and healing.

What makes me fly? Experiencing the big hearts and deep wisdom within each of my students.

rebeccaREBECCA STANLEY is the LA Program Director for FLY and with a BFA in Musical Theater and dedicated yoga practice for over a decade, she came to the practice of play very naturally. She has been caring and teaching children of all ages for over 8 years; singing, dancing, and playing to create an open environment for her students to grow and learn. 

What makes me fly? Seeing students further the kindness and joy that she feels with them every class!

LauraNesciLAURA NESCI is a native New Yorker who studied Psychology and Studio Art at the University of Vermont before traveling the globe teaching Reading and Learning to children in over 7 countries on 5 continents. She is passionate about fusing yoga, creative arts and alternative therapies for healing and enrichment. Laura is the National Program Director, and loves sharing joy with her students and teaching artists, bringing community, learning and a great sense of play!

What makes me fly? Sharing my love of the practice with imaginative and inspiring young yogis of NYC.

lachrishaLACHRISHA C. BROWN is a trained actor, vocalist and practicing Yogi in NYC. As a company member of Rady n’ Bloom and former member and co-founder of Collective Colour, she has been a current pioneer in the creation of new works, experimental, and social political theater. She’s recently collaborated on a conversational performance piece about gun culture and violence in America with HERE ARTS on Governor’s Island. As a children’s yoga teacher, LaChrisha has worked with Brooklyn Heights Montessori, Camp Yomi, and Honeybirds Playschool.

What makes me fly? My leading intention is to create safe spaces for children to freely and lovingly explore themselves through the mindful practice of yoga.

KatherineMcDowellKATHERINE MCDOWELL Actress, writer, yogini, teacher, and adventurer in life! I love to find new ways to look at the world and relish the opportunities to share those discoveries with students. The more we learn and discover the more magic we uncover.

What makes me fly? I fly when I’m learning and I learn when I’m teaching.

TaylorDonofrioTAYLOR DONOFRIO has been with FLY since it’s beginning! She has taught children’s yoga and dance for the past 5 years in NYC and Westchester. She is the Artistic Director of her own modern Dance Company, Donofrio Dance Company.

What makes me fly? When I share my love of dance and yoga with children.

GiancarlaBoyleGIANCARLA BOYLE is a 500hr RYT, anatomy enthusiast, therapeutic yoga devotee, sailor, world traveler, former musical theatre dancer/performer and harmonium player. She loves teaching yoga and philosophy to youthful yogis and looks forward to their nuggets of wisdom.

What makes me fly? Making new fly friends!

patriciaPATRICIA PINTOhas been a student of yoga since 2001 and both student and teacher of yoga since 2008. She teaches yoga to kids and adults in studios, gyms, workshops, retreats, even on stand up paddle boards. As an avid surfer, what makes Patricia fly is taking her yoga adventures to beaches all over the world. For FLY Yoga, she has been teaching at PS 75 since the 2014-15 school year and is proud to be the introduction of yoga to the many students of the JSLA program. 

What makes me fly?  Making every yoga class into an adventure!

sarah-vSARAH VANDERBERGH is an art and yoga instructor with an adventurous soul. Her passion for travel and helping others has lead her all around the world, exploring different cultures and meeting amazing people. She taught art to students with special needs in NYC for 7 years and is now making her career as a yoga instructor. When not teaching or practicing yoga, she can be found biking, baking or hiking in the Catskills.

What makes me fly? Creating magical moments that make people smile!

carlaCARLA DUREN  is a 200hr RYT, former gymnast and former kids gymnastics coach. Carla’s career as a professional dancer, singer and actress and has led her all around the world and ultimately to Broadway. When Carla is not performing she is pursuing her passion as a singer-songwriter and teaching yoga on the Upper East Side. She loves to find ways to bring her artistic influences to the yoga mat.

What makes me fly? Making little yogis laugh.

chrissyCHRISSY SHEEHAN is an actor/singer/yogi who is always ready for an adventure! She is a 200hr E-RYT well on her way to getting her 500hr AND to learning to play the harmonium!

What makes me fly? Seeing how yoga and the arts work together!

taylor-jTAYLOR JEANNE began her yogic journey as a means of expression, creative movement and ever-evolving discovery. As a FLY Yoga Instructor, she hopes to inspire yogis of all age to tap into their truest, silliest, kindest selves and is grateful to be a part such a lively community of teachers who are all planting seeds of mindfulness and compassion. Being able to wiggle, dance, laugh, and delve into an endless world of imagination is Taylor’s favorite part of working with FLY students.

What makes me fly?

APRIL FRAZIER has studied yoga and mindfulness with a focus on supporting under-served schools, districts, educational organizations and social justice organizations for the past five years. In 2010 she was certified in her 200 HR teacher Dharma Yoga certification and has since brought yoga into under-performing schools as a means of social justice and peace. She is also certified in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery, a program that connects the spiritual principles of yoga with addiction recovery, cultivating a mind body connection. She is extremely thankful to hold space for her students to reconnect with their body and inner teachers through the yoga practice.

What makes me fly?


marly MARLY SPIESER-SCHNEIDER  graduated from the University of Michigan in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance. She is a strong believer in the intelligence of the body. In her work as a performer, choreographer, and teacher she strives constantly to further open herself, and those she works with, to the body’s kinesthetic knowledge. She feels in her element when she is faced with the challenge of a new piece of choreography, movement that feels foreign to her, and new demands on her as an artist and teacher. The only thing she knows for sure is that the human form and its boundless possibility continues to awe and inspire her. And so she creates and she teaches trusting that every dance, every class, every posture is a piece of a masterful puzzle.

What makes me fly? 

alex ALEXSANDRA BUCKNER is new to Fly Yoga Arts and hails from the blue bonnet state of Texas. She takes after her 92 year old world traveling grandmother who has taught her to appreciate all the beauty and love  in the world. Through traveling Alexsandra has been able to appreciate different cultures, foods and shared experiences. She started doing yoga at the age of 18 and never quit. Her passion lies in Public Health and the healing power of yoga.

What makes me Fly? I love teaching kids who have never done yoga. When they learn something new, they get so excited! It’s the greatest joy of a teacher to see kids expressing freely, with an open heart.

emily-head-shotEMILY AFTON is an actress, singer, dancer, and yoga teacher originally from Salina, KS.  She has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Emerson College and 200-hour certification from Sonic Yoga.  She is passionate about both performing and teaching and hopes to use yoga and the arts to inspire kids to be kind, creative, playful, empathetic, and collaborative.

What makes me fly? Seeing kids light up with excitement for yoga class and watching a new exercise “click” for them!

dianadambroseDIANA D’AMBROSE graduated from Hunter College with her Bachelors in Dance and Psychology. She is pursuing her Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy at Pratt Institute. She is performing with Carmel Lorie Dance and Dakota Lee & Co. Diana enjoys writing poetry, making art, swimming, and improvisation. Movement is encouragement for a clear, calming mind

What makes me FLY? Creating movement, encouraging connection, and gaining inspiration from the amazing kiddies!


Lauren Headshot LAUREN CALTA is a native New Yorker who recently moved to LA. She has been a student of yoga since 2003 and is currently working on her MA in Early Childhood Education at California State University. Her passion for yoga and working with children of all ages has lead her to FLY. She loves to volunteer and be a part of building a better community.

What makes me fly? Empowering children to express themselves and open their hearts and minds to yoga through play!

bigsidelaughsmile RACHEL LAUREN KRIEGER always had an easy time making other people smile. After 20 years of Yoga Practice she returned to Hawaii to receive her 200YTT. The week she came back to Rockaway she to started teaching beachside to her friends new and old; multiple classes every day. Rachel met FLY yoga veteran, Laura Nesci and they instantly bonded over their passion and love for Yoga.

What makes me fly? My Yoga teaching allows me to help children and parents find their Joy. I get to see that light glow brighter, sweet smiles across their faces while they lay in svanasana. It makes me FLY!

HANNAH​ ​TEMKIN​  completed her 200YTT with Jai Yoga Arts in 2016 and her Ed.M. at Harvard University in 2017. For over five years, she has taught in a one room schoolhouse and child care center with adolescent parents in Vermont, with high school students at the New York Public Library in East Harlem, in the Harvard Art Museum Galleries, and most recently with refugee students grades K-12 through the International Rescue Committee’s Refugee Summer Youth Academy.

What​ ​makes​ ​me​ ​fly? My heart melts when my students jump into new learning experiences with an intuitive understanding of movement, creativity, and wonder. I teach so I can clear space for students to express their authentic selves.

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